November 15, 2022

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Organic Hotel Oswalda Hus | SlowTravelHotels

If you are looking for a unique and ecological hotel experience, then Oswalda Hus is the place for you.

Stories of the organic hotel Oswalda Hus, innovative hosts and the smell of wood


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In August we had the pleasure to travel to Kleinwalsertal with the SlowTravelHotels team and visit Joachim and his family at the organic Hotel Oswaldahus. Organic Hotel Oswalda Hus | SlowTravelHotels

Long Story Short

After a wonderful e-bike tour through the whole valley, including alp and cheese tasting, we spent the first evening in a small hut near the forest. At SlowTravelhotels we always want to highlight the whole region and not just stay conventionally in hotels. We believe it is important to understand the region, talk to the people and above all 'arrive'. And where better than in a small hut on the edge of the forest.

3 Slow Travel Tips

1. slow travel is about taking the time to really experience a destination instead of just rushing through it.

2. small, local hotels are often the best way to get a real feel for a place.

3. contact with locals is one of the best ways to get an authentic feel for a destination.

Oswalda Hus


In Oswalda Hus you can feel life, and that in every corner.

A short emotional journey:

We are allowed to stay in the beautiful, new solid wood suites. Already when unlocking the massive door you feel quality. The first feeling that overcomes us is the scent of wood. We feel grounded and somehow protected. We see various light woods, the large windows provide an unobstructed view of the mountains. Touching the wall we feel the rough surface on our skin and slowly we realize, here you just want to be...

The rooms in the Biohotel Oswalda Hus are something very special. They reflect the Kleinwalsertal and Joachim as a person and thinker... Simply interesting, calm and yet strong-willed.

Why is wood healthy ? SlowTravel Fact Check

We feel good in rooms made of wood, that has been scientifically proven. The scent of wood relaxes, the material is robust and natural. The positive effect of living in nature is also scientifically confirmed: Trees produce phytoncides, substances that have an antiseptic effect and thus protect against infections. They also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the immune system and the psyche.

More Oswalda Facts:

  • Infinity pool towards the mountains
  • Freestanding bathtub in the new suites
  • 45000m2 nature life park exclusively for the guests
  • Organic cuisine cooked by the chef
  • Holistic spa concept with various treatments


What has excited us the most is the family. We have not only felt insanely welcome as a small company, we have also learned a lot. Despite three small children, hotel, remodeling, family, life ... we were thrilled by the solid serene nature of the owners family.

Joachim told us he doesn't just build and work for the guest. He also does it for himself and his family. If you don't feel comfortable where you live, you can't convey that to anyone else.

We were excited and inspired by this. Joachim has addressed a future trend and is living it. ENJOY YOURSELF.

We as tourism professionals must also think of ourselves, investments must also make sense for us, and good wine is not just for the guests. In the long term, this trend will diversify our industry, reinvent it and, above all, make it really fun.

So whether you work in tourism, enjoy being a guest, or just do nothing at all, don't forget that sometimes it's good to sit back and enjoy life. Not to take yourself too seriously and live... because that's what it's there for.

Joachim with family

SlowTravel book tip to enjoy life:

The new slowness by Carl Honoré


SlowTravelHotels to Joachim:

What advice would you give to young people:

Concentrate on the essentials, love your lives and

your work. It's best to make your hobby your profession. And in matters of life and love, don't run away so quickly, get involved with love and life.


What are your favorite ways to slow down and enjoy life? Let us know in the comments below!


Organic Hotel Oswalda Hus | SlowTravelHotels


Thoughtful, and always inspired and focused on the future in tourimus.

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PS: In the gallery following a few beautiful pictures of the BioHotel Oswalda Hus. Truly a SlowTravelHotel®


Organic Hotel Oswalda Hus
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D-87567 / A-6991 Riezlern

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Organic Hotel Oswalda Hus | SlowTravelHotels