August 31, 2022

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Deer and starry nights | Hüttendorf Schlöglberger

Recently we were guests at our new partner, the cottage village Schlöglberger. A very special and family-run business, which is simply far away from everything. You could think that time stands still here...

What better way to portray a feeling than with poetry, and what we were able to experience in the Schlöglberger hut village cannot be described in any other way.

`In the mountains, there it is quiet. So quiet that you can hear the deer roaming the meadows at night. And if you listen carefully, you can even hear the starry sky rustling. I love this silence and I love being in the mountains` (Team Member of SlowTravelHotels)


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Hut village Schlöglberger
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Recently we were guests at our new partner, the Schlöglberger hut village. A very special and family-run business that is simply far away from everything. You might think that time stands still here - but exactly the opposite is the case. Because here you experience the present so intensely that you think time is speeding up.


Nestled in a breathtaking mountain landscape and framed by gentle meadows in the Salzbuger Lungau, the Sampl family shares their life with guests from all over the world. The special thing about it ? They do it full of feeling, with all their heart and incredibly authentic. Yes, the deer have to be fed, the steep slope has to be mowed and the individual huts have to be checked through every day anew.





And you know what ?

This authenticity carried us away. Yes, we should do a brand workshop and tell about ourselves, but we were simply flashed by the many impressions and stories of the family. So dive into the pictures and enjoy the many details.

Travel Advice:

for SlowTravellers

The Lungau in itself is worth a visit, whether summer or winter, whether sporty or relaxed.

So here is our perfect trip recommendation for you:

1)A few days in the beautiful cottage village Schlöglberger, whether parent house or cottage, the architecture and coziness will blow you away anyway.
2)Do yourself a favor and get up at least once at sunrise, take a deep breath and walk a few hundred meters uphill. The feeling you will have afterwards is priceless.
3)Do not forget why you are traveling Slow. Be in the moment. Feel the nature, smell the forest and hug your loved ones. Simply because you can.
4)Important tips for sustainable travel in Lungau:

- Take time for the people and their stories

- Give something back to the local, for example, buy regional products

- Be open and amazed at the incredible things you see and experience.

- Enjoy every moment, because it is unique.

Finally, a few key facts about the Schlöglberger hut village:

- The guest cabins are inspired by private farms and fit perfectly into the landscape

- Guests can pamper themselves in the on-site spa or book a massage

- The hut is open for guests from June to September

- In the main house guests can book all year round

- Children are welcome here and can let off steam in the playground

- For the sporty guests there is a bike rental and a mountain bike workshop

- The cottages are equipped with everything you need for a relaxing vacation.


If you want to learn more about the cottage village Schlöglberger, you can stop by here:



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Cottage village Schlögelberger
Family Sampl
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A-5581 St. Margarethen in Lungau


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