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Biohotel Feistererhof - Ramsau am Dachstein

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    Enjoy something with all your senses.

  • sustainable


    To be creative & design sustainably for future generations.

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    Connect with that which is around me.

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  • Mountain-Lovers
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  • Natural wellness
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Feistererhof - Charming natural since 1448

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Influenced by nature, time, the strong characters of our family history & our farm, we have created our place and preserved it for centuries. Whether we fit into pigeonholes or not. The heart of it is our farm. Around him the hotel was created and that's why we are more farm with hotel instead of the other way around. We know how valuable a life in nature and with animals is and want to maintain that and share it with guests.

Sth CREW: It doesn't get more authentic than this. At the Feistererhof we felt what it really means to be genuine. The hotel is also a farm and you can feel the love and connection of the whole family to the animals and nature. All this is reflected in the quality of the house and of course the cuisine. The small in-house ski lift is also a blessing in times of overcrowded giant ski regions and who wants to go high, is in a few minutes at the Dachstein cable car. The boss told us: der Mensch müsste einfach wieder etwas mehr auf die Natur hören, and that is exactly what we will do. Thank you for the educational and exciting days.

  • Our philosophy

    Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire. Our philosophy is full of simplicity. Simply being, simply living, simply nature & the preservation of all those traditions that bring joy & do not stifle.

  • Specials

    Nature wellness & farmyard stories. Consciously being outside in nature - not in the 5,000m² SPA with a view outside. A sometimes somewhat chaotic farm, but colourful and full of life.

  • What sets us apart

    Family-run with a lot of female power and cohesion. We live and love cordiality, naturalness and togetherness on the farm. We prefer to be on a first-name basis. Whether you are a long-time friend of our family or a guest with us for the first time

  • Our passion

    To be hosts. People who want to spend their time out with and in nature and bring them together with nature. Welcoming guests with openness and not telling them what to do to have a good day.

  • Mindfulness

    Naturalness in the rooms, books instead of Netflix, magazines instead of game consoles. Only the basics of technology, so more focus on analogue pastimes, yoga (several times a week & in retreats) & guided hikes. To walk together mindfully through the holiday. To socialise in conversation and not on social media.

  • Meeting

    With us as a host family, with our animals, with neighbours who are also hut owners, with other guests who share the same interests. We live in a region where people like to come together & experiences are gladly shared and passed on.

  • Inspiration

    Discover new things and think new thoughts on the spot. Very well-stocked book and magazine selection that inspires. Guest magazine with more than just hiking tips - conversation topics (bigtalk instead of small talk), meditation suggestions, collecting memories.

  • Freedom

    Doing only those things on holiday that you really want to do. We give our guests tour tips, but also instructions on how to go barefoot or "look at the sky". The guest is allowed to take these suggestions and make the best of them. We also let vegetarians try homemade sausage products & meat from the farm #feelfree.

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Organic Hotel Feistererhof
Ramsau 35
8972 Ramsau am Dachstein
+43 3687 81980

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